Black Bears River Photos

The day our photographer Kassy Beeler photographed a bear swimming cucumber rapid will be a day I won’t soon forget.

She called to explain what had happened and I could hardly believe my ears. “You saw what go through cucumber rapid?” I said to her. She assured me it was a small black bear, about the size of a large dog.

The bear started at the top of the rapid, came out of the woods from ferncliff peninsula.  She saw something out of the corner of her eye and pulled out the camera to capture the fun.

As it came through the poor over it got “worked” she explained. Meaning it got recirculated in the fast current. “I was going to keep shooting but I could hardly believe my eyes”. She had to stop shooting  for a few seconds to digest what was really happening.

Next, the bear was loose from the swirling rapid and heading towards her on photo rock! “What if it tries to crawl onto the rock I’m sitting on?”, was the next thought that popped into her head. Just then the bear got pulled into the eddy below on river right. From there it made its way onto a high rock and pulled its self out the river. She snapped a few more photos. The little bear then made its way up the bank and back into the woods and safety of ferncliff peninsula.

When she arrived back to our store we had so much fun looking at all the photos she captured. I then shared the days event on Facebook and got a lot of comments, shares and likes. My first experience with the power of social media! Everyone in Ohiopyle was taking about ‘the black bear swimming cucumber’.

Later that day a few kayakers stopped by to check out their photos and said they were sitting in the eddy behind Kassy. How special to whiteness such an event?

Some people wrote comments on the photos that were posted on Facebook expressing their concern for the bear. But I believe these things happen naturally in the wild, we were just lucky enough to see it first hand. I think we just caught a glimpse of this bear having a little bit of fun in its natural habitat. I mean if you were a bear walking along a beautiful river, don’t you think you might go for a dip too?

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